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Sense E.V

Sommer der Kulturen
2023 Campaign

We teamed up with Sense to create the visual language of the event. The keyvisual represents the vast range of cultures and shares a warm welcome with the viewer.

Sommer der Kulturen?

What is this? It's a collection of cultures on the beautiful roftops of the EMMA Kreativzentrum. Local and invited DJs play their music on four weekends. Amazing Linup, nice food and cozy vibes for everyone to enjoy.


We wanted to keep the visual representation of the lineup interesting and fresh for viewers, so we created derivatives of the keyvisual. One was used for each of the four weeks.


The approach was to create something abstract, which shares the joy of the summer and shows the diversity of cultures coming together. It was at times very abstract but the process was very enjoyable thanks to the nice people at Sense E.V.


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