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Product Animation

Moby is an innovative mobility startup that focuses on the digitalization of public transport. Due to the complexity of their smart ecosystem, it was often difficult to simply explain their idea and communicate it to customers. To clearly communicate their vision, we worked with Moby to develop and refine two animations for their website.


Without further ado, we tilted the "M" from Moby and used it as a roadway. This is how we created "mobytown", a platform on which their product cosmos can be mapped.

In this way, we have presented Moby's product ecosystem in a clear and simplified way.

Interface Overlay

On top of everything, there is an information layer that adds context to what is happening.

You can see how the bus communicates with the control center and how data is transmitted to all instances in real time. The data flow is represented by moving data lines.

The brand
as a whole

All objects and icons were developed based on the existing corporate design. From the shape of the bus and the buildings to the graphic overlay and the icons.

This way we created an overall look which fits well into the website and other media of Moby.

Data Animation

The goal of the data animation was to go into more detail about the data flow of Moby's ecosystem. Here, we chose a simplified representation that focuses on and depicts the exact structure and flow of data to provide a more accurate overview from a technical perspective as well.


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