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At STUDIO WW we believe in the power of creating exceptional content that helps brands we admire thrive by showcasing their products in a unique and aesthetic way.

By combining our expertise in graphic design, branding, and spatial design, we approach 3D motion design with a keen eye for aesthetics and storytelling. Our attention to detail and commitment to on-brand designs allow us to create playful yet impactful storytelling through lively animations.

We offer motion design, motion branding, and art direction services, specializing in furniture brands with design-focused and playful products.

Our projects range from product launches to campaigns and showcases, all characterized by our love for moving brands.

We work closely as an interdisciplinary team including David Dannwolf, Marco Karpowitsch, Alexandra Boblov, Yesim Mallioglu, Jan Hubl, André Haaf, Aaron Graham, and Olga Wojciechowska.

What we do:

Art Direction

Crafting visual concepts that deeply resonate using our design expertise.

Motion Design
Blending innovative techniques to create striking 3D animations.

Motion Branding
Creating dynamic brand identities through engaging motion visuals.

Sound Design
Supporting storytelling with bespoke, evocative soundscapes.

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